duminică, 19 aprilie 2015

Three decades of darkness

Enshrouded in tenebrous rivers of Tartar
The alpha decade is baptized in fiery tar;
Its chaotic purity is unseen and unique.
Enthralling and antique,
An ethereal soul starts an adventure
At the end of time; fleshes prepare for apocalyptic departure…

The glyphs are read, spoken and disembodied
In a decade of encoded mists;
The cryptic eclipse rises beyond thirteen heavens
And dawns tormented on wings of ravens;
A gaze scorches in radiation of eerie twists,
As echoes of annihilation embrace the ration… at last the thoughts have died!

The omega particles of twilight are now active
In burlesque waltzes… every move a shadow to revive…
They embody deep within him in the last of the three decades –
The one that was chronicled by prophets for when the light fades:
The dawn of Akasha's immortals is now upon all!
All innocents at the occult throne’s marble feet sinfully fall;
By chemical poison of words his quill enslaves the Goths;
While everything corrodes and unholy rots,
His muses are queens to rule fiendish creatures beyond masquerades.