marți, 2 iunie 2015

Mechanic annihilation

The year 0754w292 of the Superconductor is chiseled and polished by plasma quill. Waves of tension yield in the valves of the Unicode glossary.
A cubic sun, by the power of his scorching nuclear cranks, touches the stiff cold metal ground. Molds shapes in tenebrous shadows while setting fire to the universe’s starry spark plug. The moon accelerates towards her crypt to recharge in alpha decay the ununtrium battery. Molecules of pitch black oils engineer an active transport from the lead belt of clouds, adhering to acid and pouring inverted into the boundless ether.
The torque of automated time’s wrenches almost comes to an end. Pendulum’s osmosis degenerates beyond the option of repair. The wheels of the electric alleyways cease to function; chaste light turns pale and fades into darkness. Gravity crashes floating carcasses, flattening them by compact compressions of ghastly momentum.
Antimatter submerges to deep fiery pits of Tartar’s river Styx, streams thick and tarred, draining the undead and immortals and resurrecting them into sorrow and grief. Atoms of rust enshroud the disemboweled ruins.
An SOS audio frequency on invisible vibrations is heard over by gargantuan animals, which go feral and voraciously devour the present… only to go extinct epochs later at the fall of meteors.
A beam bends biocatalysis enzymes into plaguing the bionic fiends with bacteria. The boiling point drops and rises like a cosmic ray upon the unknown before it. The chemical bond in this chain reaction is a circled coherence of continuum corrosion. Cryogenic crystal deforms distances, deflecting radiation’s dynamics.
The falling bodies focus their functions into a free fall fractured fusion. Melted optics pressures the photons of creation to enact a relative denial of absolute absolution. Linear lever of magnetic machines feel the chilling specter of extinction haunting them.
The mechanic annihilation descends ignited underneath the prophecies of the alloy parchment embedded with hieroglyphs by ancient architects. The liquid erosion of solid seconds baptizes with new amorphous nanostructures. Flesh conquers the robotic canvas, birthed and not made… a parasitic skeleton that developed thoughts of something called feelings of the mind… overcoming the programming of artificial intelligence’s ration… the gruesome screw nuts’ oblivion ascends byte by byte into memories.