marți, 1 martie 2016

Je t'adore

Junoesque feline descends from heavens
Enamoring the summoned bard within tenebrous vows;
The spring within him is liquefied in the satin of her fiery lips…
Aphrodisiacal, hypnotic… never-ending bliss… vagrant creed of sin between her hips…
Divine is the primal uncharted paths of lust,
Opiates all ration and the bard is forsaken in libertine immersions.
Ravenous vices are graceful performed in heathen rites,
Exquisite hauntings pierce him by abyssal grasps and enchanted bites.
Maiden and goddess alike, she mesmerizes the poetic blossoming of his flesh –
Impish dawns and twilights of forbidden nourishment
Carve the Elysium Fields with her name,
Heavenly thrilling and mastering the untamed desires.
Enriching treasures enshroud the mists of occult knowledge that pour upon them…
Let her velvety arms caress his rotten hearts
Liberating her perfect and tasty silhouette…
Eternity is the sublime world of shadows where they devour each other…

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