marți, 15 martie 2016

Wake up woman

The curtains are enclosed
To keep astray
The sun’s vicious ray.
A relative tranquility cleaves the air…
Wake up woman!

I watch your static livid feline silhouette
Gasping and panting frenzied
Upon the scorching kindling of a flu,
Embracing its blazing chimeras…
Wake up woman!

In your silk negligee
You lay in the arms of a stubborn Chaos.
You remove the golden clasp
And thy pitch black hair
Falls slowly, in a burlesque dance,
Upon thy diaphanous breasts…
Wake up woman!

Twisting spasms sprung into the bedstead’s pastel
With you its darkness in ruins;
A banister to reality shatters
In reflections of oneself –
Wake up woman!

You crave for redemption,
You seek your halo and your wings…
Gone into the abyss!
No door to heavens open!
No window to pass you into other worlds!
Resurrection is a chilling sinner,
I am its viral saint!
Feel the roaring gunshot of my kisses and
“Wake up woman!”