miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2015

A snapshot of a chaotic past

The map is disemboweled in time’s veins
And we trespass in future times of the past…

Iron bars lock essence of rebelling wisdom behind intentions of
Decayed truth. Juvenile graveyards born and resurrect blessed in
Ravenous wings of rotten; the once pale fleshed worms do blossom
In sentences poured beyond undying comprehensions. Who knew?!

More than once but only exclusively deranged the ecological heaven is
Contaminated by ration of the multiple alter egos thru a baptized nothingness.
Rust enacts a canvas of molten ages slain and bleeding upon stiff oblivion.
A flagpole rises from the center of the unearthly pits. Maybe someday the black
Will be hoisted high and proud to slash the skies. Until then and after a reign of crimson
Shall flood upon mortals, embalming the gods in cleansing raw annihilation…

Apocalyptic graduation has begun. Now they feast! Next… your souls shall be devoured!

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