joi, 15 ianuarie 2015

Recalling the unobtainable

The shivers of mists enshroud the pale cadaveric sky.
The sun goes down in bleeding rays as stars begin to stab him dry.
Tears of deep fill with hunger and bite from eye mouths…
The censored memories of barren dreams exposed vivid in anarchy of lust’s doom.
Tulip’s petals that echo of forgotten ruin and blissful decay:
Turquoise ash is mourned corrosive by the frozen wings of resurrection;
Torment of ghastly lips blinds fetid in an epitaph of veins;
Thorns crawl and splinter the roots then hang from the blazing shadows;
Tenebrous sands pierce the heart peeling wit time’s tongue…
Tantalizing haunt was stained by the mystic and vanished in chaotic abyss.