joi, 15 ianuarie 2015

Two worlds

Two worlds are sung in veins of nectar and mists of ambrosia by the forbidden bards…
Wicked dark woods and fiery crimson skies entomb the cadaver of the first one.
Obscuring gods twisted its atmosphere into a crooked shroud of profane,
Were its nuns are nursing upon the cathedral’s throne, melted into rulers and inquisitors.
Oracles take a breath of anarchy and by vivid tongues expose blazing dream…
Relinquished is the second as chaste heaven of lust and blessed still –
Dyes of liquorish bliss mesmerized by muses of the tainted white rose:
Devoured in lyrical molecules by Akasha’s feral kiss of the quill;
Sacrificed is the mortal by obliteration’s wings in the shade of her chaotic will.