miercuri, 14 ianuarie 2015

An apple tree oddity

The shape of a cadaveric moon rises amidst clouds… frozen!
A tree unrests in ruins of torment and doom… broken!
The religious cathedral of its sweet fruit’s pleasure scorches the veins of muses… eaten!
Worms hang haunting by the bitten skin of the ancient branches… shaken!
The petals are laid in a sarcophagus of forgotten time… fallen!
The canvas of leafs are dead rotten, melted in dyes of feverish rains… golden!
An owl’s ghost howls at the corrosive gray river of ash dreams… listen!
The roots of the colossus devour the crawling shape of a muddy earth… sicken!
Rotten green skulls are fiery fossils kissed by wild lips of hunger’s candles… unseen!
The hell of the rose’s family, ruled by hands of turquoise tulips, awaits him… taken!
Its seeds rebel and bring forth the anarchy of resurrection in sun’s hands… chosen!
They peel the barren breasts of future’s ambrosia with a new dawn’s miasma breath… risen!