luni, 25 aprilie 2011

Naked truth

Burned in a past of horror lies
You stay pure under the trembling sky.
Lie there in your special way
In front of my eyes to be,
Blowing everything away,
Embracing me with thy thoughts
For you want me to see
Every second as it is.

As you reorder a lifeless mind
You teach the meaning of the past
And the never speaking of the future
Because the present is a slave of time…

Endless circle of painful pleasure:
You strip from your flesh,
With your whispers turned in sweetest shackles
You hungered me for a reality,
Pinned me to every wall and floor…
When I bitten your breast
You melted my bones;
I feasted upon your blood
Learning that you are the raw core
I’ve been seeking through the depths of the abyss
And upon your gaze I submitted…

In this darkest hour
I desire you ever more
For you are...
Naked truth