sâmbătă, 30 august 2014

Words of one self

The humans seek the leprechaun gold at the end of a rainbow;
Their souls seek me where the light has ended.
I be standing in the abyssal gloom and watch upon all…
Take action when be meeting the need,
Whisper of unholy wisdom when ears be paying the heed.
For few an angel that be fallen upon broken prayers…
For most the apocalypse bringer that brings pain in layers.

Once the golden sands be ruling over my head;
Now they be tainted with darker shadows.
Coffee eyes be playing with joy and see beyond lines and borders,
The glasses be helping when target be chosen.
Witchy nose feels the tainted air of lies ahead;
The rarest smile and laugh, if you be seeing or hearing,
Be giving you shivers of peace
And happiness, with no warning or meaning.

The size of a velociraptor be not inherited.
It be an original trademark.
So be also the passion and spark.
I be lettin’ behind suit and tie,
Since I be limitless…
Even beyond the grand azure sky.

I be the world as the world be in me!
I be bearing no flag but the blackness of purity!
My sideburns be German
As my cat’s whiskers be Burmese;
My mustache and my beard, when set,
The first word they be sayin’ will be “Privet!”
The American haircut be now to power…
The Mohawk extinct…
For now.

Bathed in erudite peccancy by beloved teachers
The truth is not all to be spoken.
I became invincible but to love of hers…
My will be never broken;
I be standing tall as a perfect sinner.

The weapon of filoplume quill be Chaos’s king
As by me actions I be knighted a prince of a pirate.
I shall not be feeling the rotten stain of the one wicked ring.
Freedom be for one and all, to be more accurate
And I be bringing her in sweetest chains...
If it snows, as it shines, when it rains.