luni, 8 februarie 2016

Specter of spellbounded love

In piquant sins we cast aside our fake skins
And you, enthralling nymph, I ravish.
Merciless… disloyal… broken…
With enriched fear I thrust you with death’s silken shrouds
In a fiery obliteration of all that ever was or will be,
Mesmerized by the exquisite taste of your ambrosial flesh…
Spicy… Rhapsodic… Rosy…

The nifty apathy of the forbidden gods we lacerate
By magical earthquakes of impish and shameful passions –
I worship thy playful hatred of the tenebrous quill,
You sacrifice my uncharted and mirthful misery,
And we are picturesque shackled together
In a primal kisses pastel of infinite stunning animosity.

You gracefully devour my void. A luscious stained glass of viscous ruby nectar,
Celebrating our flawless erotic cowardice, is shattered in chimerical ruins of devotion.
A timeless disdain between our perky ghosts ends in satin shivers of abyssal Elysium,
Under the Chaos’s sparkling indifference chiseled in transcendent resurrection.

We find the mystic truth worthy of being condemned
To voluptuous submission and then savagely die,
While, as the ravens foretold, we are wonderfully blessed to be damned
Into ravenously loving each other under the alluring shades of a relishing lie.