luni, 26 ianuarie 2015

Vi lascerò un abbandono

Io vi lascerò un abbandono d`afrodisiaco abominazione
Sull`altare deviante di sublime perversione,
Accusando l`acutezza dell`acqua nel bicchiere di vino.

Un`alleanza d`ametista senza l`alito dell`amore
Assolvendo un auspicio d`avorio sotto l`astro delle tenebre
Inumato in anime che archiviano arome di artigiani eterei.

Un calice pieno di deserti e deportato con dedicazione
A causa di un depravato diamante che si delizia
Con l`innocente e glorioso inno del mezzogiorno

Una misteriosa dolcezza, vellutata e aromatica
Come un cappuccino, sul papiro pagano redento,
Con un bacio eterno si assaggia.

Pe pârloagă… curcuboul!

Pe pârloagă pâșnița făcea pe duda,
Scoborând prăpastia prăjitului.

Vântoaica vioasă avea o virtute vârcolită:
Zăpăitul aftonit al cânelui făcea răzbel
Cu jeniții zori, râschirați și vântuiți amu
În râpa clopotelor.

Un mâțuc jabrac își căta ghinele fituit
În gropniță. Catalige de tănși tama ce
Tolocănesc în toplița tineriei.

Curcuboul, pravilicește iudit de nafâra
Adâncă a neprihănitelor țâțâșoare –
Curcuboul!, aprețuia duduci și se dubirea
În ritualul ereticesc al căutăturii lor

miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2015

Haiku storm in winter

Aching roads
Blissful ice
Echo sublime

Snowflakes white
Stormy waltz;
Shackle destinies…

Twisted gory bridges
Barren skeletal trees
Crow’s Sodom

Kingdom of ravens
Corpses rest in decay
Winter is coming

Life flows in water
Ghastly shades air devour

Rotten tower
Clear ashy sky
Stiff canvas

Shrouds of mists
White legion descends unholy
Hidden city

Laces of snowflakes
In icy winds…
Liquorish whiplashes

Enchanted orbs ablaze
Entomb visions of twilight
Sky relics

Crude green invasion
Cinnamon and chocolate

Boiling waters of the sea
Sands weep for the sun
Baked spirits

Stones stained in white blood
Clouds hover disembodied
Murdered senses

Immortal time forges
Drunken anatomy,
Pathology of a wine glass

A snapshot of a chaotic past

The map is disemboweled in time’s veins
And we trespass in future times of the past…

Iron bars lock essence of rebelling wisdom behind intentions of
Decayed truth. Juvenile graveyards born and resurrect blessed in
Ravenous wings of rotten; the once pale fleshed worms do blossom
In sentences poured beyond undying comprehensions. Who knew?!

More than once but only exclusively deranged the ecological heaven is
Contaminated by ration of the multiple alter egos thru a baptized nothingness.
Rust enacts a canvas of molten ages slain and bleeding upon stiff oblivion.
A flagpole rises from the center of the unearthly pits. Maybe someday the black
Will be hoisted high and proud to slash the skies. Until then and after a reign of crimson
Shall flood upon mortals, embalming the gods in cleansing raw annihilation…

Apocalyptic graduation has begun. Now they feast! Next… your souls shall be devoured!

marți, 20 ianuarie 2015

We belong to chaos

We belong to distant catastrophe…
We long epochs be now extinct when
Web ethereal and long twists its
Withered corpse around God’s neck.
Embalm thy stiff in rotten
Beatitude, disemboweled in wings
Elongated upon scorched angels.
Leprechauns liquefy nuclear enriched
Organs of gruesome gold.
Nothingness contaminates;
Grotesque heavens are cleansed
During the apocalypse
Of decadence fecundated in lust.
Thrust of deep screams and occult howls
Cleaves and lacerates barren lie’s truths.
Oblivion resurrects in shapeless of old…
Mortals’ advent is abolished!