marți, 13 ianuarie 2015

The Great Tree

Skies enshroud in satin blue the birthed earth with endless motions…
They are chaste and true.

At the center, in-between, standing tall and free,
Embracing the twisted Arcanum and knitted conundrums of the universe,
Is the pillar of soul’s mosaic…The Great Tree!
Temple of the mortal flesh, dwelling of traditions, he is the keeper of our faith’s oath.

Bathed in destiny, ascended above all in essence,
Old and wise, present at world’s upsurges and passage,
Rooted in the memory of our ancestors,
He bears no shadow or echo of tainted reminiscence.

The Great Tree conjures blessings for all of nature’s children
And delivers bliss into unity, mystic beyond advents.
The Great Tree is the continuous path on which
The blazing sun, the loving moon and the glittering stars walk upon.
The Great Tree is immortal as Death is his stiff trunk and kin:
He was birthed as he dies, only to be resurrected again.
The Great Tree is a primal mighty beast:
Androgynous giver of enriching existence,
A liquorish vessel which hosts spirits when they feast
And the coffin in which all are entombed at the end of subsistence.

Are we to revere or to fear him? Are you enticed or enslaved by him?
Do we look for or look away from him?
Should we cut him down? Is he our demise?
Or…can he help us evolve as he is our utopic future most cherished prize?