vineri, 16 ianuarie 2015

Dare to resist! Resist to dare!

Dwelling desires descend dying decadent dreams;
Ablaze adventures awaken attaining artistic arousal;
Refreshing rebel rose ravishes rare release;
Erotic electricity exposes ethereal enigma.

Tantalizing tongue… the timeless thrills… the tense tonic touch!
Orally overcoming odds of opened orgy…

Redolent radiance reclines reality’s reign…
Effusive emotions enrich erected epopee;
Satin satisfaction schemes sensual shadows;
Impish infused in indecent intimate illusion.
Sift sexual sublime spirits! Saucy starlight submits sheered shimmer!
Tangy tasty tits titillate toxic thoughts…

Raving ride! Repose! Ruffle!
Exotic elixir enacts extreme echoes:
“Silken surge strips stiffen spices! Surreptitious spark slips serene, submerging strokes!”
In icy infinite impulse incites intense incendiary imaginations;
Scorching shivers silence shy siren’s silhouette;
Tawdry trickles tighten then tear twisted taboo.

Trembling throes tame the tender texture –
Oath of organic owns orgasmic orbit’s opium odor!

Dangerous dances dare delicate demure dame…
Angelic allures ablaze attaining Aphrodite’s amatory atonement…
Renewed romantic rape reaps rhymed rites…
Enfolded exciting effect entraps Eden’s essences.