miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2015

Haiku storm in winter

Aching roads
Blissful ice
Echo sublime

Snowflakes white
Stormy waltz;
Shackle destinies…

Twisted gory bridges
Barren skeletal trees
Crow’s Sodom

Kingdom of ravens
Corpses rest in decay
Winter is coming

Life flows in water
Ghastly shades air devour

Rotten tower
Clear ashy sky
Stiff canvas

Shrouds of mists
White legion descends unholy
Hidden city

Laces of snowflakes
In icy winds…
Liquorish whiplashes

Enchanted orbs ablaze
Entomb visions of twilight
Sky relics

Crude green invasion
Cinnamon and chocolate

Boiling waters of the sea
Sands weep for the sun
Baked spirits

Stones stained in white blood
Clouds hover disembodied
Murdered senses

Immortal time forges
Drunken anatomy,
Pathology of a wine glass