miercuri, 14 ianuarie 2015

The seven sins of peace

Raven prophecies of love
Veins of thorny reconciliation blossom
Pax Romana

Friendship of tormented skies
Haunt land’s epitaph of peace
War of angel’s tear descends

The neutrality of chaotic twilight
Underneath moon’s wings of discord
Shatters in grieving molecules

Friendship hangs in a truce
As vivid tongues bleed tranquil
Laced in lovers graveyard

The beatitude of my profane lips
Melt serene in the shadows of thy barren breasts
Twisting the resurrected cadaver of lusty peace

The virgin grave remains calm
Caressed by the hands of rotten leafs
Death’s nirvana

Mists of deep bitten muses
Appear slumbered by peace of censorship
And vanish revived in quill’s sinful heaven