luni, 5 ianuarie 2015

Prayer In A New Dawn

Love is a blessing
To give it freely without echoes
Of words, deeds or thoughts,
Ever coming back her mortal replaces.

Patience is a gift
To us, never again we’re going be swift.
We indulge it in endeavors
With a chaste mind, a heart full of passion.

Wisdom is to be found
Without boundary of age,
When time pours like a hound,
We tame once again words that heal not enrage.

A muse is of the ethereal divine in nature
A companion for life’s adventure,
The ray of zephyr’s light when
In darkness we venture.

Mercy and rightful judgment
Enthralled into the bodies of the living,
Is casted upon those, whom voice in lament,
And then is empowered in hope of the future.

A pirate is a gentleman whose
Fortune is measured in his friends and his freedom.
He plunders alone, then shares with all…
He captains over joyful and peaceful times.

Great Gods of old and new
Shatter space and bring blissful epochs anew.
Heed my humble prayer and bless my sins,
Descend upon everyone the aforementioned gifts.
I hoist highest the Jolly Roger and a shanty trembles in my voice:
“Let us plunder and share, live and rejoice!”