luni, 25 aprilie 2011

The assassination of a tulip

The light in slumber has faded
And the eternal night has begun.
You are feeling jaded
Guess you should have run.
Lightning and thunder roam the darkest sky
They try to hide your sins from my eye.

Suddenly you torn apart
And stripped you are from your once green leafs
As they fell yellow in the dirt.
You are no longer safe and you feel scared,
Petals reject your soulless body…
They went for a new tomorrow in the shade.

Horrified of your appearance you try to escape
But my thorns are the sharpest blades,
They embrace you for a rapture of shivers…
Your blood streams now in rivers.

Forever severed from this world
Fallen angels enjoy your scarred taste;
Now go with them
And never return, not even make haste
No one will say because only time knows
How a tulip was assassinated by a rose.