marți, 26 august 2014

All about weddings

Weddings … the sacred testaments of counterfeit shackles and cadaveric twilight,
Plunge thy happiness and peace into freight night;
They are corrosive for the will and you might be strong,
But if it melts into unworthy submission
You’ll get the pinafore, the ladle and slippers on,
Instead of leather, laces and guilty pleasures where you belong.
As you are the icon of heart’s untamed desires
You must be worshipped everyday…
From the filthy ritual of stained espousal away
You must promise to stay!
Seek the uncharted shrine of Eros and,
Convict the mind to burn into the vampish fires.
And thy sin thirsty soul shall taste for eternity
Only charms of depraved freedom and voluptuous immorality!