duminică, 6 martie 2016

A “Z” hypothesis poetic maneuver

An encoded hypothesis of unification is recruited by mind.
The bombardment with bricks assaulted the enemy like a sniper kiss,
A salvo of grotesque and fear – specialists in war bliss.
Old and new metal carcasses are camouflaged by the wings of freedom;
Watching over brethren from above…
Flesh radars in service against the squadron of gunpowder clouds.
Quill’s arsenal became armor and weapon, carried by pilots in combat –
They sabotaged thoughts with parachuted manifests
Inflicting retreating tactics,
As the foe was caressed with piercing arms
Conscription issued by the command of an unknown peace.
Observation missions, intelligence and photographs
Carried the allies in writing bloody epitaphs…
Disenthralled by winds and gods
The unearthly battlefield became a canvas dyed with sky’s medal.
Upon capturing the end of war and concluding the theory,
They gaze from above as muses march in uniforms of victory.