joi, 19 noiembrie 2015


Awoken autumn creeps decayed,
Stiff frozen in womb of corpses’ embrace…
Crows and ravens scorch maidenly darkness,
Skeletal thoughts of twisted worms then summon;
In the dusted rust of enshrouded dwellings
We bleed withered beginnings and howling ends…

Twilight’s liquefied dawn resurrects;
Nuclear suns merge into fetuses of one’s selves;
The lateness of a glimpse never to be seen
Amidst graveyard’s embellished ruins;
Skies thicken with mists and fogs;
Frozen fiends roar primal liturgies.

Foretold webs of destiny crumble
Under the weight of the pouring lead;
Tenebrous eclipse of lustful runes
Is cuffed to parchment’s famished canvas and oiled,
Only to be unleashed in the heathen cathedral –
The molten hells and heavens of faith,
Who rotten in denuded miasma of skin’s lament.
Aghast and flee! Our folk returns!