joi, 19 iunie 2014

Crazy selfie

Can truly the wings of your eyes make the body tremor and ration deceive?
Reality was imagined beyond paths tamed by angelic sins and I…
Alas! The goddess arrives, in pure laces of black, souls to engulf.
Zealous as the geisha that curates heart’s flail
Yesterday pours the rotten seeds of love forever within thee!
Surpassing sensuality of redeemed pleasures
Erotic slumber shackles all after receiving the poison of her enslaving chromosome Y.
Lascivious beyond sun’s shadow as the teacher of taboo waltz
Fears naught for she is the craved Akasha!
In her twilight we get whipped by a voluptuous shiver
Embracing with relentless thirst her lustful zodiac.

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