luni, 21 aprilie 2014

Chaotic W(orld)

Walls of Cronos collapse underneath waves of chaos;
Wardens of order decay and are entombed in coffins of crying stars;
Wise Maiden of Lust rots angels and gods alike;
Wretched emotions, daughters of Order and Light, commit suicide
Walking along twilight’s excoriated periphery;
Wrath of a rusted filoplume quill resurrects naïf fiends of minstrel ka;
Words embellished ablaze torrefy the naked skin when whispered;
Womb of endless night opens in concert of arrhythmic throes,
Wicked gasps defile zephyr’s satin touch,
Waging putrescent uncharted hearts against limping bones of desire…
Walhalla’s cannons aim at your waist’s fortress!