luni, 10 februarie 2014

Ten limericks (shanty)

Ten limericks be dead on the sho`e
So we be startin` whe`e it ended in blood and go`e
They be lyin` the`e sunbathing on the ray of the moon
Up until the parrot be crackin` fo` noon.
Then a ship be comin` and it be goin` all spicy and so`e.

Ten limericks be boardin` the ship,
They be plunderin` at landlubbers weep:
Gold and pearls, and diamonds that shine…
And flesh and bones and souls be mine.
Ten limericks be claimin` the ship.

Ten limericks be hoistin` the flag
Be presentin` you Jolly Roger all dressed in black
They sail and tear the seas apart
Roam the free life like it be a form of art
Everyone be cheerin` from down unde` to the front’s back.

Ten limericks be hunted away
By the mighty armada that be steppin` the way
The limericks be givin` no dam
But they be sendin` cannonballs and drinkin` oceans of rum
And the armada be no more the needle in the hay.

Ten limericks are singin` the shanties
For rise of the sweet trade and drop of the hearts and panties
Songs of true valor and heroic deeds be none
As the limericks be all in for the easy and fun
Everything to please me matey and hearties.

Ten limericks now be findin` grog and lasses
Shackles be embracin` hands and the cat o` nine tails be runnin` to kiss asses
At fiddle`s green where be the mark spotted
And be stored the booty and doubloons by Jacks looted
These be activities to please mind of the masses.

Ten limericks, reader, on your way be by sail
Be gatherin` all captain’s and be leavin` a gruesome trail
Be dodgin` them you cannot as you might have sought
And the battle you be losin` before you have fought
For they be invadin` heavier then Spam`s mail.

Ten limericks be arrivin` at thy heaven
And be usin` for messengers crows led by a raven
Nobody be knowin` if their slang is right
But your advisors meat will be served cooked just right
As Hell be the storage locker and your shore be the oven.

Ten limericks be endin` the trip
Gently their sword edges be plungin`you to Hades`s deep
They now be rulin` the world as freedom be sold
The world be hot and you be cold
And I be the demon that make angels creep.

Ten limericks be makin` everyone pay
I be their ruler and the story be told with rum on a tray.
Davey Jones be callin` it all a prank
And the Squareknots be showin` him the plank.
Quite a dive he be takin`… I`ll say!