marți, 11 februarie 2014

Valentine separations

Born out of Chaos`s marriage with nothingness
You that are its darkness`s shine.
Arrive in the impurity of my destiny defile
To satisfy your cannibalic desire.

In the chains of time`s dungeon
We have found each other.
Hell has flourished and the Elysium Fields froze over
As we stared in each other’s eyes -
Hollowed orbits reign supreme over flawed minds

Let us bathe in the pool of Eros`s blood
As naked fleshes of lucifers,
Undone in soul and unborn in freedom
We spear death to mortal suns.

Put your knifing nails slowly to slide on my back…
Century seconds it seems I have found
As my flesh grieves
The thousand cut ecstasy of their touch…

Kerosene kisses fired by thy flaming lips
Burn my spirit letting me naked
As a primordial child;

Your guillotine teeth go thru my neck and head
Letting my absinth thoughts bleed
And corrode both your hearts.

Your poisonous voice whispers
In the last moments of eternity…
Rusting every molecule of my undead body
While you have me flogged with your tongue…
Tearing sentiments apart from mortal reality.

Denied by laws of nature
And lost by meaningless gods
Valentine separations had reborn.

Your body is the altar
On which sacrifice has scarred itself
And I separated you from everything that existed.
What be sought, felt and left is the ultimate upshot
Bursting in and out of our gruesome sawing of egos.