duminică, 16 martie 2014

Free Throat Hugs

Twilight creeps and penetrates impure light;
Heaven descends as fallen quills show their wisdom’s might;
Rapturous indiscretions of the past exorcise my tainted love
Obliterated stars worship you, the goddess of my sins.
Alas! Thy eyes gaze upon the rotten soul that has estranged from your arms,
Tears of joyous torture to come flow on your satin cheeks;
Hold thoughts entrapped to morph them in submissive acts.
Uncharted times swirl endless before you:
Greet the day in which we shall meet again with venomous maiden smile,
Sharpened the teeth you had so they can plunge lustfully into my skin,
Forged new claws too so they can taste the nectar within.
Orbiting my neck with meteoric haste you
Release craving feelings and descend into my chaotic soul;
Abiding all cavernous within my blood’s gallows,
Lust entombs us within her jealous wings
Leaving you only offer for my release: “Free throat hugs!”.

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