duminică, 9 martie 2014

When on the edge

I twist the tongues of twilight’s clock…

Alas the chains of eternity
Lash upon shackled hearts.
Worlds decayed thru rusted purity…
Altars sacrifice flesh of the mortal abyss.
Your wings lustfully engulf scared
Seas with virgin brink of darkness’s shine.

Jester of words feel wrath of the untamed,
Unearth nymphs to satisfy living mist.
Mirrors of distorted minds crave
Pillars of feral defiance on which to be flogged

Seed of gore slumber the god.,
Wherever you find the crude path
Angel arrive on kisses of cannibal rot.
Ripped cages of urges immune
Melancholic sunk behind a shattering tune;
Inside empty walls
Neanderthal eyes
Gaze into nothingness.

Sawing chewed present
Transform fiends of past into embraces of dust;
At gates unopened pour rivers of rust,
Remain hidden porcelain maiden,
Seek the sinner who does not repent.

When on the edge
I find veins of the broken pledge.
The souls left on winds of storming sore…
Heaven claws can purge me no more!

Yesterday’s seconds are actions of now.
Oh, and just to be certain
Upon the times have come…

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