vineri, 7 martie 2014

Of lust and pleasure

Darkened MASTERS are thy words of SHACKLED meanings
They tear thru BLACK SHEETS with EROS`s might.
Hidden with the MASK in the DUNGEON of light
All of cat`s nine tails had WHIPPED my feelings
Gone between LEATHER and LACES of blur
My COLLARED hearts escaped to an eternal purr.
Mystified mortals and gods alike GASP for their QUEEN embrace…
Aesthetics of the FORBIDDEN transcend NAKED FLESH,
Dissolving soul into SHADES OF LUST,
Amass KISSES And Swarm Hearts Alike,
Keep storming HARD DEEP BREATHS with zephyr’s force
And let the primordial primitive GRASPS plunder your voice
STRIPPING feelings beneath
Hidden ROSES that taste your eternal scent
Apprehend PLEASURE and PENETRATE heaven.