marți, 10 februarie 2015


Birthed into chaos before man was forged,
Her voice a whisper of promise,
Her touch is a decadent bliss.
Wanderer of untamed path,
She received the baptism in crimson blood
Enchanting mortals under unholy pleasures.
The demonic euphoria enshrouds the sinners…
When twilight of souls heralds the darkness
The innocent are abducted, the matriarchs devoured;
Death is her maiden and all is senseless…
She confronted Eve and other known fiends
On how she possesses and toys the spirits from times old
By quill and voice in legends is foretold.
Two masks, two realms,
An image mirrored from within,
Everything falls as a leaf tied to her branch
Under seduction and life departing powers.
Be aware! Beware! And always in freight.
Before dawn whenever comes the night!