luni, 21 februarie 2011

The laughing ends of thirteen smurfs

On a vast shore of a wasted land,
Where the greatest gods fail to appear
And snow is melting into sand,
When angels forever disappear,
Then the adventure was beyond time set.

In the search of their lost faith
Trapped in a soulless net
Jack, Josie, Jill,
Anthony, Roland and Helen,
Ginger, Mikhail, Little Will,
Mary, David and Belen…
All of them led by the brave One.

Thirteen smurfs had set to sail
But just then One committed suicide…
For he has broken a nail.

Twelve were then in disbelief
And while they were mourning and in grief
The black sun turned David into a swine
Therefore he was served for dinner: roasted,
With whisky and wine.

Then one day out of the blue
The smurfs went in pursue,
And found Jack and Jill
In the fridge standing still.
With this note kept walking Jill and Jack:
“Hey guys! We left you a bill…
For paying the crack!”

And so ten smurfs were left to do the unworthy task.

After a while beneath the snow
Josie was given a dirty blow:
She dived with her sharp mask;
Then “Is that a shark?” Little Will had to ask.
And with rusty spears began to plow.

Closer they get in a small band
But Mikhail and Roland went swimming in the sand
And their pink flesh and rainbow eyes
Attracted mermaids in disguise.
Mikhail wanted them, Roland followed him…
The mermaids soon tasted the new found dream
When the two of them became a double flavored ice-cream.

Shattered dreams beneath the sky
How rude of Mary not to say goodbye.
From her cabin she broke her wings
Going berserk when trashing clouds with rings.

Anthony, in anger, as a twisted fate,
Blew his cape and drew his sword
But in the second of the hate
He fell down, struck by a simple word.

Little Will for never-ending days
Is now chasing stars as his mind stays
Forever on a mountain’s peak,
Where a bear’s axe has found a leak.

Ginger is young and sweet
But Helen made a prank
And put her deep… six feet,
Driving upon her a 30 ton tank.
But that was not all of it
As Helen felt Death’s rhythm on a drum beat:
The mighty gun she tried to fire.
But exploded into shinny moons
And behind ninety runes
She hanged to bits in the barbwire.

Belen, of them, was the last
And she almost achieved her goal… so fast
That she could smell it and went talking:
“Yo no soy uno de ellos cabron!
Soy un pitufo latino hasta el hueso!
Y tengo la fibra, incluso en mi sangre!
El verdadero negocio hombre!”
But just as she finishes the word
Lightning struck as her smile fades
And she becomes a shadow.

So dear reader the story bends
When thirteen smurfs meet their laughing ends.