sâmbătă, 29 august 2015

Endless Beginnings

The chaotic roots
Corrode life’s boots.
At eerie roads enroots
Bound whither by the witch?
To the destination after,         
Whether is of soul or matter.

For in its decayed origins
Of shape shifting sins
Unfolds beyond everlasting veil of chains
Nymphs, muses and fleshy heroines –
The quill’s tormentors and assassins!
Right after a resurrection rite begins…

In geometrical shades
Lacerated are the fades;
And slew…
Over and again…
Time starts in blood to drain
The spirit’s relentless rain.
Eternal is the void in immortal vain.
All changes, nothing degrades,
One moves as stiffened jades
Develops days, epochs or decades.

Setting out while everything sets in,
Appearing to eclipse the dawn,
The twilight finds a new mastermind
Initiating the employment of fiendish beasts
He could find. The plan is set in motion
But just then, without a notion,
An apocalypse carries on the best of things,
Exposing the emerald web of… endless beginnings!

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