vineri, 14 august 2015

Lost highway

Liquefied steps
Radiate silken silhouettes of memories
Across shady fathom horizons.
Sun sets in alloy of gold and rust.
Forward is laced the infinite,
Beyond is the sinful baptism.

The shrouded apparition walks…
Unearthly, vaporous…
Voracious metal animals
Stiffened in opiated ruins
Stand beside him.

Livid winds
Open mirage of deserted sands…
Souls tear
Thru mesmerized fleshes…

Hear you the ration and seek
Impish goddesses who
Gorgeously open thy ribs,
Healing thy heart
When immersing veins with toxic kisses?
Away is the whisper, the ravishing is near,
Yet yesterday was entombed in tomorrow.

In my liquefied steps,
Upon the lost highway,
Her tender decadence strips.
Under liquefied steps
My emerald witch sleeps.
By roses and lilies her innocence I slay,
When my liquefied steps
Reach the end of the lost highway.