vineri, 18 septembrie 2015

From mountains to plains (no tomorrow)

Tops of raw green
Now lay in soil and dust.
Millennia they were the richest
Landscapes of mountains you had seen,
Now mutated in sickest
Way by humans with souls of rust.
Ghosts of the artificial pastel that have never been
Other than green,
Even during the Ice Age…
But returning to our modern stage,
Since the mountains became populated,
The toll of mass extinction
Every day was and is played.
As green were the mountains, lands in fruition...
Cut down in a twinkle, by industrialization flayed –
Oaks, tigers, elephants and pines
Reached the expiration dates before their prophetic deadlines.
Until now the local Asian apocalypse were only the floods – “China’s Sorrow”,
But who can live when there’s no tomorrow?!
Worry not! Cause nature shall conquer all again!
Even where humans have taken and slain…