duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

The love drunk rose

There was only one land outside the universe’s desert
Everybody knew those times as the ninth moons eve
Into the greatest adventure were embarked you and I
Under the merciless whirling ocean were you.
But before the dying sun threw his last thumb
Emerging from Chaos, the universe created me
Striping the flesh and making a soul to protect the goddess
Covering with my wings your heavenly body and turning hypnotic.

Intruding your world and make you subdue,
Lurking the last drop of your innocence into my dreams,
Overthrowing everything else and choosing you as my mistress,
Vixen, angel, the light that will guide my dark life,
Even now you make me bow under the power of your kiss.
Yet, the gods themselves blessed this unholy union
Obliterating every notion of in-between and
Uprising the Chaos and turning it into harmony.

Journey! We started to creep from shadow to light and back
Easing down life and death, sun and moon;
Thrusting every independent notion
And creating subjected new life forms,
Inspired by the only thing we knew,
Meanwhile subjugating every uproar
Everlasting love and nothing else between us.

Turning the tables of time and space,
Invading and enslaving my rotten soul;
Absolute surrender was your aim and your goal.
My thoughts, my words, my actions now taken
Only you, until Chaos’s rebirth.