vineri, 26 noiembrie 2010

The way of a thorn (into a tulip’s heart)

There is a song yet unseen,
Before the times when Gods fled this world
Written from myths and legends,
Where knowledge was gold.
Also there you might have been,
Either young or old
But forever a queen.

In that day I was presumed to be born
From pleasure and pain…
I took the shape of a thorn!
The only one that by blood your innocence will stain.
I’ll scar your flesh with my sting,
I’ll drain your stealthy soul
And gain every second of your life under my control.

You I enjoyed to pierce, love and defy,
Under my spell you learned to sing or to scream.
Being your eternal drug and every need
Soon you felt me even into the nights when you dream.

And we can presume thereby
That you will turn me into your new creed.
Before this world will soon be gone
You’ll take me in your heart and we shall be one.