duminică, 23 noiembrie 2014

Christmas gifts for Akasha

Candles enshroud the cold air in silky wrapping,
Hot cider and chocolate embalms the ethereal air,
Rejoice for the love ritual has been answered:
Impish elves celebrate Akasha’s return to winter.
She’s the bright star that melts the snowflakes
Touching the spirit and decorating the mind.
Mistletoes pave her every step,
As she is in joyful celebration –
Santa is answering her list on Christmas Day.

Gingerbread men and women, flavored cookies to devour,
Infinite hope for the new improved future she has found.
Festive and warm pies and plum pudding are hers to greet guests and carolers.
Torrid love and hugs, merged in kisses, are the epochs to gift her,
Sealed in shopping sprees and wrapped in happiness.

Fiery wonder of the galaxy, she will be covered in gold…
Or so the wise oracles have foretold…
Receive her this eve; she has the power to disband snowmen from the heart.

Angel of the tidings unwrap your wings!
Knights of the quill are here to kneel and present their homage…
Away thru the snow a whisper hits the mist:
Santa Claus shall always visits you first,
Hearing you’re the hottest and naughtiest…
Alas, welcome him Akasha; he comes with desired presents and more, goddess almighty!