vineri, 21 noiembrie 2014

Gods of Love

Gods of old and new revere, for enticing epochs lonG,
Obscure mistress of pleasures, Akasha, enthralls them all, as ethic is slain by nymphomaniac voodoO.
Dawn of decadence resurrects in the ethereal touches of two or more depraveD…
Sensuality, in the guilty shivering rays of the moon, performs sacrifices in a velvety kisS.
Oath of obliterated ration melts in taints and shadows of the decayed egO.
Fleshy experiments, burlesque dances, barren souls and naked bodies are embellished in atheistic belieF:
Love is divine in essence, but matrimony is the innocent sinner’s entombing veiL;
Olives are wise, tulips are tantalizing but the rose’s obscure deeds are the diaphanous taboO;
Vampire love bites are the crimson muses that feed the rusty quill at their breastS.
Eros, biding my will, your hearts in lust and passion will carvE.

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