marți, 18 noiembrie 2014

Chaotic dawn

Night perishes in dim light
To slumber in tenebrous delight.

And the city now fusions
With a canvas of illusions.

The sky is stiff in grey…
To the perky clouds he falls prey.

The sun sets high in orange and gold,
You can see the teeth in his grin…it is that cold!

The silky zephyr was deported.
Winter with her winds September have distorted.

Gargantuan cranes of iron air have touched,
While sky-scrapers mirrors’ blinding glows have hatched.

Noise’s invasion hauls humans livid
In coffins of metal and plastic.

Blocked intersections see arrows but no Cupid…
Walking on foot in husky smokes of pollution…is fantastic!

Disguising guilty gratification in sweet nectar is the cup of coffee
To entrap Sandman’s last pastel in an insomniac dreamer’s fee.

The green parcloses the strange hive
And warmth and light today don’t jive.

The muse is vivacious and has a tainted will!
Always awakes at dawn in rapturous moves the chaotic quill!