miercuri, 5 noiembrie 2014

Short slang trilogy

Episode I

Aif afters airlocks
Airish aitch allows allus
Almighty altered Amazon
Adamatical abba-dabba angel arises awake
Ankle’s apples are around asap
At ashtray anoint all!
Artish artillery and artsy axe
Acquire an afloat aedile
Aced Acapulco academy
Apcray af anyroad
Amscray anchored apron
Aerated adrift addick afterlater addresses
Adios amoebas!

Episode II

Boot up to bop ‘n slop
Boho bastards bad basted
Goodfellas ghost thy ghoulie past
Beaut beasts bait bards
Blooming bennies bog in bloobers
Boops blank when boo out
There be no borders to cross
In heaven’s above heavy fixes.
Tough shitski!

Episode III

She is a tourist trap waiting to be storked,
Waken with tits up you will in a shady back alley fo’ shizzle.

 Don’t knock around with a town bike,
No safe word can empower you with the sailor’s elbow.

For saint and sinner ask for a salad toss
A quare hawk roll-on in the rude will cook you good.

Ponce polluted lyrics in quill’s pointers
Tainted by ruddy plurry divine muses.

Go preaching from angel’s bible!