sâmbătă, 20 septembrie 2014

Haunted by the past

Arms fall heavy with lead in their veins…
They grab the hellish quill made of light’s plume…
A shadow shovels into the debris of memories filled with toxins
And finds derelict, almost forgotten, the scent of an evil perfume.

The shadow instantly knew the presence to be from the ancient past:
A terrifying ghost that haunted his body, mind and heart from echoes of time.
She lived in vivid colors and putrefied in the ages that last;
She was all sugary and sweet so the shadow gave her a lime.

Only in that fallen shadow of his she was respected, loved and feared,
An empty shell the rest of times, when light hit her spot hot and hard.
She would have aid but at the end of time, bored and sick, the shadow disappeared…

She was afraid of futures that would never be possible to arrive,
She was afraid to speak her mind as truth might be heard…
So with tantalizing lies the shadow of his wings and thoughts was deprived.

A muse, a friend, a mistress, a goddess… the name always changes
But to his heart she remained forever the same:
A mirage of voluptuous cages,
The kind that shines to thrill…the only kind that shadows can tame.

How could she never see beyond actions but feel just a temporary usefulness?
He protected, mentored and cared for her nevertheless.
He put himself shield and when Chaos fell
He did things that are whispered but no one can ever tell.
And for some of those he would regain in Heaven his wings,
For most… he will have the greatest of companies when he dines in Hell.

Hunter in nature, jealous and obsessed with possession
She would threaten to beat or kill the shadow’s own venison without hesitation.
But after, in an innocent act everything she would regret,
Knowing he always finds out and her advantages to other horizons free are set.

Everything burst when he searched rations to regain
As she left realizing she can no longer control him or contain.
First came the sadness of loneliness and then hit pure love’s pain…
Tears poured in like the thickest summer rain;
Relinquished from his throne,
Taken was everything he had in order to atone;
The quill was burned so he could not write;
For all he lost alone he would once again have to fight…
A leash was also his to bear for a while…
He took them all with laughs and a serene smile.

Then as was foretold all has stopped, new life has set in motion;
He begins again to ascend on the path of creation.
He buried his past with mortal flesh and bones…
And soon found himself surrounded by peacefully gravestones.
His skin was tainted in the Chaos anew,
So the armies were given back and a plan begins to brew.

I am that shadow, she was my haunting tulip…
I am reborn by a dark rose and she is no longer an angel to worship!
Brace yourselves! For my invasion is here all to taint…
You’ll be cleaved in forbidden shivers by this liquorish filthy saint.