joi, 18 septembrie 2014

Will you?

Will you temper the radiant sun?
Will you bring twilight to put light on the run?
Will you give me yourself as luscious opium?
Will you pour into my chalice sweet nectar and rum?
Will you embalm me with thy lips’ chaste blaspheme?
Will you for ever and ever and for another day marry me?
Will you cremate the intellect and pour it in water?
Will you be the taxidermist of life’s stiff in a chemical winter?
Will you lead the army of my chaotic children?
Will you raise the dead to find me when I’m hidden?
Will you use the filoplume quill?
Will you write chapters of tenebrous skill?
Will you extinct the reign of ghouls?
Will you unmask clowns, buffoons and bloody fouls?
Will you reclaim your taken freedom?
Will you plunder with refilled heart and without broken wisdom?