duminică, 14 septembrie 2014


Beneath time’s grasp,
Eluding forgettable pasts,
The thorn enthralls
Haunting souls together.

Before history records
Embalming of poets,
Two roses alike -
Him, white passion,
Ever darkened, she…
New found fusion,
Incendiary lust brings
Ancestral love rebirth.

You, angelic milady,
Endure mistress pain;
Allow tainted flow
Transcend mortal baby-dolls.
Embrace heart desires
Seductive cannibalistic muse.

Infinity is ours!

Lovers grip yours
Orgasm tainted quills;
Voluptuously subdue Eros’s
Enticing cosmic landforms.

You devour me,
Obliterating tender meat…
Undying zombie love.

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