duminică, 14 septembrie 2014


An angel by the deeds from a lifespan,
By the thoughts in hell’s kitchen he will fry in a pan.
Panic grabs him by the feet as he feels them embraced in cold shivers
And he doesn’t believe the eyes, when he sees them running to school to grab a first seat.
But he wants to be in the city with friends… experimenting life in a beat!

Secrets shine in the dark but remain secluded when in light.
Do not feel the guilt of them as they bring also a great pleasure…
Feel free just like a pirate when plundering for treasure!

I am not unconscious; I just like to dream without closing my eyes,
I am afraid that otherwise I will not be by the truth seduced,
But I will be raped by trusty laces and whipped by a lash of lies;
Analyzing, deciphering and interpreting the new meaning induced.
And I will like the divine, soft pain
As the royal path appears, only by muses in silk and satin to be slain.

You deny to have been involved in anything at all,
So they are left with rumors, without proof of any kind
That you were actually in everything and all…
Illusions of reality and ethereal fantasies to be beard by the mind.

Impulsive empathy drools on the steps of fiery conversations.
As identity is far and closing on adaptive mirroring intentions,
Dynamic energies flow and pour enigmatic…
There is no self-preservation for the thought that kneels on logic.
Two baby adults drawing maps of their wishes
Shaped on synthetic and natural lessons and baptized in fetishes.