duminică, 14 septembrie 2014

Steps in the dark

Diamond of virtuous sin deny voluptuous teases,
Arousing the poet’s night…
Risky rhymes are collared beyond sane
Kidnapping distances and putting them to sleep.

Shackled harem in a single kiss received
The dungeon of a single body – Milady Domina.
Exorcise the poet as you’re the thorny baptizer;
Pain is as good as its angelic master spank.

Play party for two is the required teamwork;
Eros himself was brought as godfather;
Thrill of senses flavor dipped in honey and vanilla
See the twilight of immortals depraved.

Knot is tied and in sweetest torture envelop:
Renegade poet be the hunted, its hunter the shinning muse.
Animalistic devourer remit
Desire’s mummies to seduce ration’s ghosts.

Dark rose takes its soul thru every step,
Alters his freedom and teaches discipline.
Rapturous rays of hers obscure and resplendent;
Kneeled white rose eternally pledges!