duminică, 14 septembrie 2014


Away from human earths,
Beneath the darkened sky,
Creeds become obsolete.
Drums echo the beckoning…
Enticing before goddesses…
Forever becomes today’s tomorrow.
Gruesome wars muses start,
Heavenly vivisecting the arts.
Imagination seeks refuge,
Joining the resistance.
Keeps lie blighted in
Lust and love;
Mended and replaced by seraphic,
Nude, fresh and tender flesh.
Oblivion is for the mind’s surrender…
Pressed under the weight of lyrics;
Quill is tainted and rotten.
Risen by the magic of a dark rose,
Shivering shackles of hers
Twilight start to pour:
Untamed in nature,
Voluptuous in spirit.
Wrath of the
Xeroxed blood is undone…
Youthful games are born on
Zephyr’s highway…