duminică, 14 septembrie 2014

The tear, the girl and…the laughing onion martyr

It was a lovely summer day and I was tanning in the sun.
My owner opened shop and all was unbelievably familiar…
But then a refreshing startle climbed my spine…
There she was: a shady slender feline walking towards me.
I exposed my silky bronze silhouette,
Blinked jaunty with my seductive eyelash,
Flirted innocently from distance
And she was mesmerized.
From the flavored animated variety  
She bought me, the onion,
To her home to nurture, tear and share.
With her delicate hands she velvety caressed me,
It graciously tingled, and then I was laid on a wooden bed.
My nymph whispered wistfully:
“I will set you ablaze, oil you and stir you and fry you
Until you are sparkling caramelized” and I thought
“She will be the feistiest of them all!”
And so our enriching intimate show has started.
Calmly she tamed me and strips the bronze layers,
One by one, vaporously:
The first layer is shy and is livid when departing;
The second one is sleepy and is awakened wet as it quakes me;
The third and final layer is exuberant and lush and it goes out artistic;
Then my redolent nude body is no longer restrained.
I rise and blithe as I am I try to mirror the mythical presence.
My own odor dances in laces thru to her nose -
Opiate, itchy, intoxicating, filling intense the vacant space
Where a fantasy named air no longer lingers.
Then a sassy break intertwines and…. oh, what glorious sight!
Let me give you an honorable luscious glimpse of divine vision:
I surreptitiously tantalized her venal and
She was overcome by the moment.
A petal of lusty pearl slowly undulates from the siren’s left eye;
It leaks on her cheek and swims towards her ethereal lips,
Kissing them and eating with finesse the delicious jam-flavored lipstick;
It slips down the neck as a feathery phantom inciting indiscreet visions;
Then into the valley of breezy flesh, masterfully romancing her way;
Ravishing the dark rosy satin breast only to blend,
In-depth, the majestic heart with its wild white love.
Think of the immense jealousy that rapes my soul in the moment
And at my capricious hunger for my muse that demands satisfaction…
Indecent relief is soon to be given as enigma is solved!
The girl blazingly grabs my sassy, naked, natural body
With a spicy contortion of the wooden-bed.
An impish impulse enfolds as she tenders my texture;
Lashing at me as an effusive whip, touching me
Here and there, anywhere and everywhere,
Dangerously, decadent, ceaseless…
Her heavenly hand merges with the icy blade of a knife,
Then rides up gallantly, serene, radiating of illuminated hope
And comes down heavy, stiffened, electrifying…
The numbers viciously increase, enfolding my every cell,
Storming spirit and eternally amplifying in zealous bites.
I feel ample, tense throes and frenetic shivers…
I know that my reward as worthy worshiper
Is soon to be asleep on the pillow of macabre bliss:
The sprite’s saucy tongue will suckle me, taste me and, sublime ending, eat me;
As I will titillate the cannibalistic senses of my sweetheart…
Merging us, enthralling me, secluding me…
Two shadows of the same mists!
An orgasmic, deep laugh chisels anxious the silence,
Overcomes me and pacifies me for eternity
Into small bits and pieces that dwell, shine and jiggle in the rose’s pan.