sâmbătă, 7 martie 2015

At night

The moon rises beyond stiff cold breasts of concrete,
She embraces the livid fetus of light upon birthing stars.
A cadaveric bride, kissing the sky’s pitch black breath of ash,
The moon echoes in the ruinous pillars upon molecules of ravens.

Disemboweled tulips are grieving upon the soiled sarcophagus;
The howling wind is carried upon wings of sand’s dusty ghosts
In bowels of stormy colossus, his eyes reflect in layers of dreams.
Tormented in words of the yet living are the silent rusted paths…

The unholy canvas is poisoned when the pendulum struck its final blow.
Steel coffins gaze as famished owls thru the veil of ethereal fog.
The liquorish Stygian obscurity is lightened in candles of nectar’s flow.
The fiery heaven and chilling hell unite under the parchments of old.

The moon rises in enthralling abominations, bearing multiple egos…
Two faces… two worlds… a chaste love between them…
The moon carves fleshes in steams bearing worms of resurrected day,
An endless chaos mesmerizes as I cleave thoughts in a tainted quill.