marți, 3 martie 2015

Letter to my geisha

Dearest mistress of the arts,
I send this letter, as light departs.
Host my encrypted words
And seed them in the roots of your memory records.
The banquet of our covenant has begun,
Refined and light as the filoplume quill.
So dance, rejoice, and flood the soul with sake;
Allow the koto and shamisen to play and let your brilliance bend silence’s will.
Perfection might be forsaken dimensions
In alluring illusions,
But thy jewel embellishes life with equilibrium’s visions.
I shall arrive soon to witness your magical powers of bliss
As you shift y soul and carcass through universes…
Grant us passage to drift away in the floating world
And then let us promenade in the world of flowers and willows.
Sit on the tatami, at my side, as spirit’s confident and advisor of the mind
Indulge your wisdom to caress my ears and pour tea into my cup,
Might you will be so gentle and kind.
I free you now of my tainted writing
And leave you to make the arrangements and preparations
So you can look after my canvas of intentions.
I await with eagerness our encounter of exquisite hours
And send my best wishes to you, masterpiece of the muses.