duminică, 1 martie 2015

Winter Pastel

The tenebrous invading winter
Howls from its abyssal trumpets.
All mortals wither and pass
In trembling shadows,
Away from sun’s decaying light.

The snow abrades in dark tunes the ears
When steps fell as lead upon the road;
Frozen skin feels like cleaved from stiffs
And twistedly shifted upon the chilling whip
Of wind’s ravaging specter.

The sky is dyed in darkness
As ravens scavenge for chaotic life,
To guide with their filoplumes turned quills
Upon the uncharted paths of torment;
Silence resurrects in Death’s reign!

The bells of the unholy church
Rang in matrimonial despair –
It is my prophesied time to die
Upon the altar to be sacrificed?