marți, 3 martie 2015

The flower of Asia

Fragrances of autumn’s petals
Conquer the kingdom of bauhinias,
While zephyr whips the muddy pearl
To open the athirst mouth and drink heaven’s offering.
Semitropical enchantment, in dances of waltz,
Conjures earth, sea and sky to melt
In refined burlesque.

Exotic and eclectic, with passion and ration –
Embellished in charm and myths,
A realm of creeds to nourish the mind and beliefs to disenthrall the heart…
History and future stand in the same timeless body
Building the effervescence of the present,
Present who wears the most famous incense –
The hard worked success… for the better!

Be it in sun’s shadow of rays
Or in the rainiest of days,
The giant glass sons wink
In a dazzling and invigorating exorcism
Of scenery beyond beauty and beauty beyond imagination:
A chaste jade of phenomenon
Carved from eternity’s quarry and chiseled by thriving muses.

An untamed universe between two words, where mesmerized we belong,
When in visit, when in travels, one can only discover the free harbor in everyone’s song
The ever flourishing flower of Asia: Hong Kong.